privacy fence

Your Guide to Privacy Fences  

At Secure Fence and Rail we install many different types of fences. The type of fence a person chooses is unique to them and always has a separate purpose in mind. For example some people would like a fence to keep their four-legged family members close but still want a view of the pond in their backyard. Some people are in search privacy and solitude. Folks looking for privacy often have a lot of questions in mind: What’s the most private fence? What should I be looking for in a privacy fence, and how can I choose the perfect privacy fence for my family? We’re here to answer all your questions.

Privacy fences were designed to, you guessed it, provide privacy for you and your family. And, there are actually quite a few options when you’re shopping around. Traditionally, privacy fences are made of 6 ft. wooden planks, but now there are many many more options. Here is a quick guide to privacy fences.

Traditional wood fences – These types of fences are made up of 6 ft. wooden planks. Placed neatly in a row and held together with perpendicular rails, these fences insure people won’t be able to peek in on your back yard festivities from the street.

Non-traditional wood fences – If you’re looking to deviate from the norm with your wood fence yet would still like the privacy of 6 ft. planks a shadow box fences may be just for you. These fences use the same boards; however, they alternate on the side of the perpendicular rails holding them together. This allows for increased airflow, yet at certain angles outsiders may be able to see in. Rest assured they will need to strain to spy on your party.

Vinyl fences – Vinyl fences are the newest kid on the privacy fence block. They vary in height and are made up of impermeable sections. These fences have no cracks to peek through and additional height and security can be added at the top in the form of intricate lattice or decorational posts.

If you have questions about the perfect privacy fence for your backyard, give us a call today. We’d be happy to explain to you the pros, cons, and every detail in between so you can pick the perfect fence with your family’s privacy in mind.