Which Fences Will Best Withstand A Storm

Since hurricane season is upon us, all of us at Secure Fence and Rail want to remind our friends and family in the area about the importance of having a good quality fence installed by professionals, especially during the middle of an intense storm. Who wants to worry about the condition of their fence when the wind is blowing at 65 miles per hour?

When wind speeds reach 74 miles per hour with gusts near 100, it’s not uncommon for trees and even fences to rip out of the ground causing some serious damage to your own home or other surrounding structures. When hiring a professional company who understands these unique challenges that come with installing fences – especially in a hurricane-prone area – you’re well on your way to securing your safety and peace of mind.

Chain link fences: Because the wind goes through a chain link fence so effortlessly, it is easily the sturdiest fence in the face of a hurricane. Unfortunately, these fences do not often provide the type of privacy or aesthetics that many homeowners hope to achieve, therefore, many homeowners opt for a different style of fence.

Wooden fences: Wooden fences that are properly posted in the ground can be a great choice for many homeowners. While they may be susceptible to warping in extreme moisture and may also fall over with hurricane-force winds, homeowners appreciate them because they are considered to be economical to replace.

Vinyl fences: A very durable and smart choice for Floridians are vinyl fences. This type of material can withstand strong winds and is also resistant to certain elements. No matter how much water you throw at this fence, it will not rust or warp.

For any questions or concerns regarding your current or future fencing needs, call us at Secure Fence and Rail today! We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with all of your fencing decisions, so that you feel capable of weathering any type of storm.