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What Type of Deck Railing Should You Get?

Deck railings are an important safety feature but can also serve as a stylish way to finish the deck. Based on the type of deck you have, there are several different materials that you can use for your railing so that it fits your deck and landscape perfectly.

Here are some materials you can use for your deck railing.


Wood is among the simplest of options for deck railing and is the most inexpensive but goes great with a wooden deck. It gives the homeowner flexibility as wood railing can be constructed as custom or mix and match premade pieces ensuring you get the right look.

The downside of wooden deck railings is that they need consistent maintenance like cleaning, staining, and painting to stay structurally sound and to continue looking good. Cleaning, staining, and painting the curves and crevices make this process time-consuming.

Capped Composite

Capped composite rails have a clean and fresh look that requires little ongoing maintenance. Pricewise, they are in the middle of the pack with materials costing between $15 and $30 per linear foot. However, as with wood, you can mix and match components to customize the railing of your deck.


The most common types of metal rails are aluminum, galvanized steel, and iron. Metal balusters, which support the handrail, usually have a slimmer profile than composite or wood, which makes them less likely to block the view of the landscape around it. Iron railings can be custom made to match the architecture or to create a new design.

Cable Rail

Cable rails are a high-end option with the materials costing $60 or more per lineal foot. This is a good option for a home with a view such as those overlooking a urban landscape as the cables visually disappear into the surroundings. The horizontal cables are attached to either wooden or composite posts and have a sleek and somewhat industrial look making them ideal for a modern landscape.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a great choice for landscape that has a lot of wind. They are among the pricier materials but tempered glass creates an outdoor living space, which can keep strong winds away without blocking the view.

Choosing the right materials for your deck railings can make a significant difference in the look and practicality of your deck. If you’re looking at building a deck or replacing the railings of your deck, come to Secure Fence and Rail for a top quality installment.