Close Up Chain Link Fence at Baseball Field

What Do You Think About Chain Link?

Chain link fences are one of the most widely used fences in the US and for good reason. They’re durable and inexpensive and can be installed very easily. Many people think many things about chain link fences and we’re curious to know what you think about them.

Before you completely make up your mind on chain link fences, let us lay down a few facts for you.

  • In 1844 the process to make a chain link fence was created by Charles Barnard. He based his design on a cloth-weaving machine.
  • Stateside, Anchor Fence bought the rights to the machine and was the first American company to patent and manufacture chain link fencing.
  • At Secure Fence and Rail our chain link fences are made in America with galvanized steel so they will not rust or break.
  • Chain link fences are popular choices if you’ve got a yard or field with a view and don’t want to obstruct it with a wood or aluminum fence.
  • Chain link fences are perfect for vine plants and provide ample space to climb and wind.
  • Chain link fences currently come in other colors than the standard silver.

If you are interested in installing a chain link fence on your property give Secure Fence and Rail a call today. We can provide you with an estimate and our thoughts on why chain link would be a good decision for you.