gate operator

Video – Gate Operators

We love playing with our new toys, and recently we got into the business of installing gate operators. These awesome additions to fences are not only helpful, but can be custom built and installed to match the décor of your home.

Check out this video of our gate operator in action. This was one of our first installations, and we are getting better and better every day.

Automated Gate Operators – Inside from Secure Fence & Rail on Vimeo.

Automated Gate Operators – Outside from Secure Fence & Rail on Vimeo.

We’ve been installing gate operators all over Brevard and Volusia. We’ve stepped up our game too. We’ve been installing mixed media gates and fences recently. One that we’re particularly proud of is one includes 1500 feet of black vinyl chain link, 500ft of 4 rail horse fence with no-climb wire to keep the puppies in, two custom-built stone columns and a solar-powered, custom aluminum gate.

This beautiful fence will keep in horses and puppies in, and most other critters out. As an added bonus, the owners will not have to move a muscle to get in and out of their home, nor pay a cent more in electricity to operate the gate. When custom is the name of the game, anything goes. Our skilled crew is up to any task you can bring to the table.

Gate operators are too much to fun to install, and we can’t wait to hone this craft as the year goes on.