Video – Drilling Holes With Secure Fence and Rail

When we build fences, the image often conjured is our crew with hammers and boxes full of nails. You often think of wood planks and placing panels of vinyl. One thing that many people forget is that for every fence we install, we need to place posts.

Fence post placing is a really fun part of installing fences. We get to pull out the heavy machinery and dig. The below videos show the different types of machinery we normally employ to drill those deep holes to make sure the fences we install on your property are secure.

No matter the type of substrate and soil your property lies on, we have the equipment to easily tear through the earth and pour the concrete necessary to place the posts that will support your fence. Digging deep holes is one of the most important aspects of fence installation as it will insure your fence can withstand many elements including the sometimes harsh hurricane seasons we endure here in Brevard County.

Check out these videos and see how we secure your fence from below the ground and up.