The Purpose of Puppy Pickets

We install a wide range of fences that are designed to keep your family safe and secure. Some of our fences, particularly our aluminum options, provide superior aesthetics. But, their wide bars create a unique problem for homeowners with small dogs and puppies.

Enter the puppy picket. Traditionally aluminum fences have wide spaced steaks that make for a classic, wrought iron look. A puppy picket is a special addition to an aluminum fence that creates a unique space about a foot off the ground. The steaks are more closely placed and this prevents your four-legged friends from making an escape.

Fences not only keep your family and home secure from outside elements, but can also keep your treasured pets secure from busy roads by keeping them in. If you want the elegant design of an aluminum fence but are worried that your small dog or puppy will wriggle out between the posts, a puppy picket aluminum fence is just for you. If you need more information about the puppy picket or aluminum fencing, contact Secure Fence and Rail today.