Structurally Secure Fences

At Secure Fence and Rail we pride ourselves on building the most structurally sound fences in Brevard and Volusia. A quality fence is something our customers have come to expect and appreciate about our business, and today we’d like to share a little secret with you. Well, it’s not really a secret; it’s a trick of the trade and a standard feature we include on every fence.

Gates: All the gates to wood fences we build come standard with an aluminum frame. This frame fortifies the only moving part of your fence, deceasing any sagging or warping. Because gates are the only part of your fence that moves around, it’s the first to ware out and this aluminum frame keeps it sturdy for years to come.

Fence: It’s not just the gate of your fence that we’re worried about; we’re worried about the longevity of the entire fence as well. We build your fence, plank-by-plank with weather treated lumber on six-foot centers, and pour about 120 lbs of concrete to make sure it stays put. By using only the highest quality hardware to screw and nail it all together, we can ensure a sturdy fence that won’t warp or fall over during inclement weather.

Warranty: As a final step to providing our customers with the highest quality fence available, we stand by our work with a five-year warranty. Should your fence meet an untimely end, become warped or weathered before its time, you can count on us to repair or replace the damaged portion of your fence. We know our crews and products are the best in the business and have no problem helping our customers out when they are in need.

We care about the quality of the fences we build and the happiness of the homeowners we build them for. If you’re looking for a quality wood fence installation that will stand up to the ever-changing Florida weather, call Secure Fence and Rail today.