PupProtect Puppy Panels

We install a wide range of fences that are designated to keep your family safe and secure. For some families, their furry companions are also an important part of that family. Some of our fences, particularly our aluminum options provide superior aesthetics, but their wide bars can create a unique obstacle for homeowners with small dogs or puppies.

Because pet owners consider their pets to be family, we want to make sure that we protect their loyal companions as well. Traditional aluminum fences have widely-spaced bars that make for a classic, wrought iron look. We have the option of including a special customization to the traditional aluminum fence called the PupProtect puppy panel, which helps create a unique space about a foot off the ground. The stakes are more closely compacted, which helps prevent your four-legged friends from making an escape.

Fences not only keep your family and home secure from outside elements, but can also keep your treasured pets protected from busy roads by keeping them in. PupProtect puppy panels can be a great addition to your fence for the following reasons:

  • Unobtrusive design doesn’t detract from the appearance of your fence
  • Minimizes the number of horizontal footholds that help prevent climbing
  • Strong steel wire horizontals and pickets in styles to fit most fence panels
  • Pet-safe, durable, welded construction both galvanized and powder coated for a long life span
  • Offset design permits panel to bridge elevated bottom rail to protect under and above the rail
  • Simple installation with provided clips and self-tapping screws
  • PupProtect puppy panels are the industry’s BEST VALUE!