Secure fence outdoor living space

Now Installing More Than Just Fences

At Secure Fence and Rail we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers. For a long time that meant installing beautiful fences, decks, and railings. We’re extremely excited to announce that to continue on our tradition of beautifying backyards, we’re adding the installation of pavers, pergolas, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens to our repertoire. Now, along with securing backyards with fences, we’ll be turning them into oasis’s.

Fences are just the beginning of building the back yard of your dreams. The new division of Secure Fence and Rail is intended to help you turn your backyard into outdoor living space with custom installation. Not only can we install a deck and railing for an elevated experience, but we can also level and pave out a ground-level section of your backyard. The simple and elegant design of pavers screams for the addition of a fire pit for those late-fall, early-winter Florida get-togethers.

While it may not always be the season for fires in Florida, one thing you’ll always be looking for is shade. Which is why we have a huge selection of pergolas we can add to keep your new outdoor kitchen from overheating.

Our new outdoor living division is an extremely exciting new addition to our business. The quality of the materials we’ll be using to install the oasis you’ve always dreamed of will continue to be second to none, and American made. If you have questions about installing a backyard even the Joneses will struggle to keep up with, give Secure Fence and Rail a call today!