Long Live Your Wood Fence

Wood fences are a beautiful and economical way to secure you home and increase your property value. At Secure Fence and Rail we’re extremely proud of the quality of wood we use to build solid fences all across Brevard and Volusia, but also the craftsmanship we put into every fence. When you purchase a fence with Secure Fence and Rail you not only get a quality fence, but you’ll also get a five-year warranty on materials and labor.

A five-year wood fence warranty is fantastic, but there are also a few things you can do to extend the life of your fence well beyond its years.

Stain Away – We have a wide array of stains we can use to increase the life of your fence. Stains seep into the surface of the wood and act like a shield against dirt, water and other micro-debris. You can re-stain your wood fence after many years to spruce up that protective coating.

Scrub-a-dub – Cleaning your fence, like cleaning anything, can improve the aesthetics and longevity of your fence. Using a pressure washer to remove dirt, and in some cases a solution including insect repellent or fungicide can help extend the life of your fence.

Repair – It’s always good to keep an eye on your fence. Weather can take a toll on your wood fence more than anything. Wind can pull nails out and make hinges on gates rusty. If you take a few minutes every month to check for loose screws and squeaky hinges, it’s easy to make spot repairs.

A wood fence is a traditional way to keep your home beautiful. The five-year warranty Secure Fence and Rail offers is in place to help you love your fence for a long time. If you want to make sure your fence stays around longer than you do, follow these quick maintenance tips and your yard will be gorgeous for years to come.