american flag on uniform

Happy Veterans Day !

Every Veterans Day, we at Secure Fence and Rail get a little emotional. As a veteran-owned business this holiday holds a special place in our hearts. Bobby Jacobs served in the United States Army prior to starting Secure Fence and Rail and is very proud of the service he provided. Every year, this day makes him think about the amazing people he met while in the service and those he continues to serve throughout Brevard County. So, Happy Veterans Day!

While today is special, we are constantly honoring our vets by offering a 5 percent discount to any past or present members of the US Military. After serving his country in the US Army, it is our pride and pleasure to continue to serve our community by building quality fences and constructing beautiful backyard oases all around Brevard.

Our goal is to fill our county with high quality, aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces. We take pride in using only American made and manufactured materials. This ensures we’re not only supporting your dream of a gorgeous backyard, but also the American families that fabricate the planks, aluminum, and vinyl fencing that are beautifying our slice of Americana.

Today, celebrate Veterans Day by thanking and saluting a veteran for all they work they have done to uphold our idea of freedom. Thank you to everyone who makes this wonderful country possible, and Happy Veterans Day!