Decayed wooden fence with metal structure

Four Signs You Need A New Fence

Because we like to say, “A good fence makes a good neighbor,” then it must be true that bad fences make bad neighbors. While fences generally last a long time, eventually they will need replaced. Here are four signs your fence is making you a bad neighbor.

  1. It is no longer straight – A warped fence is a deteriorating fence. The ground is shifting, nails are becoming loose, and the wood may even be rotting from the inside. If your fence looks more serpentine than straight, you need a new fence.
  2. It’s changed colors – As any material ages it looses its strength and aesthetics. If your wood was bright and is now dull and gray, or if it started out shiny white and is now patched with a rusty hue, you need a new fence.
  3. It hurts – If you don’t like to go near your fence, if neighborhood cats won’t even like to perch a-top it because of splinters and protruding nails, you defiantly need a new fence.
  4. You can see your neighbors – If panels are falling our or complete sections have collapsed, that’s the surest sign you need a new fence.

We hope that you’re able to see the warning signs of fence repair before it falls down. But if you need help deciding, call us at Secure Fence and Rail and we’ll be able to tell you for sure if your fence is making you a bad neighbor.