wooden fence

Fencing for Any Price Range

Having a strong and sturdy fence is a great way to enhance many different features of your property. Not only does a fence provide safety and security, the right fence can be an attractive feature of your home while still keeping the kids and pets safely inside. No matter your budget, there’s a fencing option for you! At Secure Fence and Rail, our fencing options come in many different styles, colors, and materials so that finding the right fence to fit your lifestyle and needs is a breeze.

On a Budget: Chain-link fencing is a classic choice for those looking for an economical way to secure their backyard. Though a chain-link fence isn’t typically considered the most aesthetically pleasing fencing option, landscaping is a great way to play up your chain-link fence and increase your privacy.

Mid-Range: At Secure Fence and Rail, we proudly use yellow wood lumber for our wood fencing. A wooden fence is a popular fencing option thanks to it’s variety of styling options, value, and durability. When you choose Secure Fence and Rail as your wood fence contractor, you can trust that your fence will be custom built on-site using galvanized nails, ACQ treated lumber, and stainless steel hardware that will last for years. We can also stain your wood fence to enhance it’s beauty and durability.

High-End: Vinyl fencing is a great maintenance-free fencing option that will last you a lifetime. Installing a vinyl fence will increase the value and aesthetics of your home while keeping your family safe and secure. Aluminum fencing is another high-quality, long-lasting option that will provide you with worry-free durability. At Secure Fence and Rail, our aluminum fencing is rust free and uses a high-quality powder coating that won’t flake, adding elegance and security to your home.

As your Melbourne fence contractor, we have many different fencing options for a variety of price ranges. Whether you’re primary concern is durability, security, or aesthetics, our range of high-quality fences will add value to your home and keep the whole family safe for years to come. To learn more about our fencing options and to discuss your specific needs for stylish privacy and durable designs, contact us today!