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"You will never meet a more professional and timely fence company in your life! I highly recommend them for your fencing needs."
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Get more details about our company and see the limitless design options.


Get more details about our company and see the limitless design options.


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Secure Fence & Rail is a fence company, proudly serving our coastal community in Cocoa Beach. We have earned an exemplary reputation among property owners in the community for our exceptional quality and consistent customer satisfaction. As a fence company, we work to protect our friends and family in our beautiful tropical community. We work hard to make the experience pleasant and rewarding for you and your family. At Secure, it is one of our objectives to protect your privacy and security, and we extend this philosophy into the cultivation of our crew. We are a fence company in Cocoa Beach built on trust, experience, and quality, and our fence contractors are carefully evaluated in accordance with our values. Our fence contractors are thoroughly educated their trade, and are equipped to deliver superior work in a timely, professional manner.

A Secure fence cannot be constructed without high-quality materials. Secure Fence & Rail is proud to supply a wide variety of fence styles and colors, in popular materials such as vinyl and wood.

Due to the dense structure of vinyl fences, they are excellent for creating privacy and producing an oasis within even the most active environments. Enjoy the luxury of being at home in your yard, where you are free to enjoy the wholesomeness of nature without intrusion. A vinyl fence gives you the best of both worlds - whether you like to use your space to host parties and neighborhood grills, or if you would rather indulge in the freedom of your outdoor oasis without sacrificing your privacy - vinyl fences provide the option to enjoy your property the way YOU want to, on your terms.  Our vinyl fences come in a broad selection of neutral shades to meet the design style of any home, and we offer various post styles and textures for maximized personalization. A vinyl fence can provide premium protection by serving as a barrier between your property and outsiders, while securing children and pets from wandering away from the safety of home.  Vinyl fences are ideal for enhanced privacy and durability, and they add an element of luxury to your property.

Due to the natural texture, wood fences add a clean look to any home without looking too overdone or out of place. They are ideal for properties that incorporate more natural design elements, or to complement tropical landscapes. Wood fences are classic, versatile, and are a great solution for a cost-effective enclosure to any home. Our wood fences are made of durable, reinforced natural fibers and are built to withstand weathering and wind damage. If your property has a unique layout, a wood fence could be the best solution for protecting your space. Because of their design structure, wood fences have an advantage in that they allow versatile installation to conveniently fit to any space. A wood fence is a low-maintenance, effective solution to protect your home and offer peace of mind.

 In addition to wood and vinyl fences, we also provide coated metal and equestrian fence options. We encourage you to examine our offerings of materials and fence designs, and we are prepared to help you customize and direct your decision to best suit your property when pursuing a new fence. Our skilled fence contractors have extensive experience and unique insight to make the decision-making process as easy and satisfying as possible. Our years of industry experience as a fence company have provided us with a comprehensive awareness of the most nuanced aspects of fence design and construction. We are proud to serve our community, and we strive to make our customer experience rewarding. We believe that you should have the freedom to enjoy your property as you please. As a fence company, we have the resources to provide that freedom. You deserve to have a choice - whether you prefer to use your outdoor space for social gatherings or quiet calm. With a Secure Fence, you can have both.

 Secure Fence & Rail is a premium fence company proudly serving Cocoa Beach. We look forward to working with you!


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