beige vinyl fence

Cleaning Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are beautiful additions to any yard, yet like anything they do become weathered and dirty over time. If keeping your vinyl fence sparkly white or beautiful beige is on your priority list, you’ll be happy to know that keeping your fence looking fresh is easier than you may have suspected.

First off, regular maintenance is extremely important. Vinyl is not very forgiving when it comes to dirt and grime. Because of its light color it’s easy to see when your fence gets dirty. To make the job of cleaning it a breeze, take the hose to it every weekend after you’ve mowed the lawn and give it a good rinsing. The less time dirt and grass have to sit on your pretty fence, the less chance it has of soaking in and staining.

However, no matter how diligent you are about cleaning your fence, over time stains will crop up. This is where the elbow grease will come in and there are a few important things to remember:

  • Use non-abrasive textiles to scrub stains away. Scratching vinyl can cause you more staining issues than you’ll want to deal with. Stick with sponges, rags and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.
  • Diluted soap and bleach will often get the job done. Depending on how set in the stain is you can start with warm soapy water then graduate to bleach if the stain is particularly stubborn. Be careful with bleach though, it may discolor your fence. Best to perform a test before really going at it.
  • Pressure washers are your friends. Scrubbing fences clean on your hands and knees is a job for high schoolers on break. If you want to clean your fence with minimal effort using a power washer can make the job quick and easy. Here’s another place where you’ll want to be careful, blasting a vinyl fence at full power may crack or break the fence. Think about the age of your fence and its durability before you blast away.

These are just a few best practices we can suggest for cleaning your vinyl fence. If you’d rather not deal with it at all,  that’s an option too. Secure Fence and Rail has partnerships across Brevard with pressure washing companies that know how to treat a vinyl fence. They’ll be able to get your fence back to looking like new in no time! If you have questions about this or want to schedule a fence cleaning, give us a call today!