Choosing Your Wood Fence

All of us at Secure Fence and Rail have built a lot of fences around Central Florida. We don’t mean to brag but with all of our experience, you might even be able to say that we’re fence experts. Because we want to turn Brevard County into the most fence-savvy county in Florida, here are a few things you will want to know if you decide to become a fence expert as well.

Different Types of Wood Fences

Shadow Box Fence – Most homeowners who choose this type of fencing choose it for the purpose of privacy and looks. The name shadowbox comes from the way the fence is designed to cast a shadow. The frame is installed like a basic frame for a privacy fence; however, it is the pickets that go on differently. One picket goes on the inside of the fence while the next one goes outside of the fence. Since we are located in a hurricane prone area, this type of fence has a better chance of staying upright because the wind can go right through it.

Transition Fence – This fence can change in height from one section of the fence to another. For example, the fence between you and your neighbor’s backyards may be only four feet high, but as the planks get closer to the street-facing fence line, they get taller and taller creating the traditional look of a privacy fence in that section.

Dog Eared Fence – This uniform fence works really well for unusual property shapes because the consistency of the pickets allows the fence contractor to modify the sections to fit your yard more appropriately without breaking the flow of the fence on the neighbor’s side. They are also really good for variety as far as the style that goes on top of the fence.

Board on Board Fence – This fence looks attractive on both sides because boards switch to either side of the central rail. These boards are often tightly placed to eliminate gaps. This type of fence creates an opportunity for breeze to move through the fence and into your yard.

Lattice fence – This is an extremely attractive option and it is known to be friendly to landscaping efforts. A tight pattern helps keep you from feeling as if you are living inside a fortress while continuing to offer real privacy.

Features of Wood Fences

Stain – Stains are a great way to protect and beautify wood fences. Since water can cause a lot of problems for wood, stains can help protect it from this natural element. A bonus is that there are many types of stains you can choose from to achieve your desired look. Some look like paint, while others are clear barriers that are meant to help protect it from the elements.

Hardware – Wood fences require a lot of hardware. At Secure Fence and Rail we only use galvanized, ring shanked nails. This way, we can ensure that your fence will last for years to come. We also use three hinges for your gate and heavy duty latches for the same reason.

It’s easy to become a fence expert if you spark up a conversation with one of our crewmembers. We love to educate our customers on the fence they’re getting installed. We find that if our customers are informed about their options, they are more comfortable with the investment – and we could talk about fences all day. So don’t be on the fence! Go ahead and ask away!