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Check Out Our Impressive Vinyl Collection

At Secure Fence and Rail we have a pretty impressive vinyl collection. No we’re not talking about rare Beatles albums or Elvis’ entire collection, we’re talking about gorgeous vinyl fences.

Our impressive collection of vinyl options stems from the demand of vinyl fences in Central Florida. This option is certainly the most beautiful and private fence a family can install. They come in a variety of colors including: white, tan, khaki, multi-green tan and multi-green khaki to best match your tastes. There are also a wide variety of styles homeowners can choose from to best suit their outdoor living spaces.

Not only is vinyl aesthetically pleasing for all shades and sizes of homes, we’re also proud to say that our entire collection is American made and manufactured in Florida. Our collection is exclusively Miami/Dade wind-resistant vinyl, so it’s completely maintenance free. Which is good news for Brevard residents who don’t like repairing their fences.

There are so many reasons to consider installing a gorgeous, low-maintenance vinyl fence in your back yard. If you have any questions about the quality, cost or installation process, give Secure Fence and Rail a call today. We’re happy to provide an estimate and help you choose the right vinyl for your home.