aluminum framed gate

Call In The Reinforcements

One thing we can’t stand at Secure Fence and Rail is a flimsy fence with a wobbly gate. We pride ourselves on building the sturdiest fences in Brevard, and one special touch that we put on every wooden gate we install ensures that your gate will never warp or give into even the harshest Florida storms.

We are of course talking about the aluminum framed gates. Standard on every wood fence we install is an aluminum frame that reinforces the lumber used for the gate. This aluminum addition creates an extra level of sturdiness that can only be achieved by a light-weight, yet strong metal.

It prevents the only movable part of you gate from warping due to inclement weather and normal wear and tear. This is important because a warped or worn gate may not open every day. Which is the most important function of a gate. The addition of an aluminum frame also allows us to install fences and reliable gates on landscapes that we were once unable to, such as slopes.

If you have questions about the importance of this standard feature we provide on all our wooden gates, give us a call today. We’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate for a wood fence and show you exactly why having a an aluminum framed gate can be so beneficial.