a long new fence on new property development

Become a Wood Fence Expert

At Secure Fence and Rail we build a lot of fences around Central Florida. You could even say that we’re fence experts, but we’d like our customers to feel like fence experts as well. In the spirit of turning Brevard and Volusia County into the most fence-savvy counties in Florida, here are a few things you’ll need to know if you decide to become a fence expert.

Types of Wood Fences 

Shadow Box Fence – This type fence is a particularly attractive choice for a homeowner. The planks are spaced out and drilled into both sides of the post. Instead of being wood to wood with exposed framing on one side, the fence hides the posts with evenly spaced planks, creating privacy and beauty at the same time.

Transition Fence – This type of fence transitions in height from one section of the fence next. For example, the fence in between you and your neighbor’s back yards may be only four feet high, but as the planks get closer to the street-facing fence line they get taller and taller creating the traditional look of a privacy fence in that section.

Board on Board Fence – This type of fence is what people think of when they think of a wooden fence. The planks are nailed to the posts side by side, creating privacy and security.

Features of Wood Fences 

Stain – Stains protect and beautify wood fences like no other, and there are many types of stains you can choose from to achieve the desired look. Some look like paint, others are clear barriers from the elements. It’s all up to you.

Hardware – Wood fences need a lot of hardware. At Secure fence and rail we only use galvanized, ring shanked nails. This way we can ensure that your fence will last for years to come. We also use three hinges for your gate and heavy duty latches for the same reason.

It’s easy to become a fence expert if you spark up a conversation with one of our crewmembers. We love to educate our customers on the fence they’re getting installed. We think it makes you more comfortable in your purchase, and we could talk about fences all day. So go ahead, ask away!