A horse grazes in the early morning dew.

A Place for you Ponies

We’re always looking to expand upon our offerings at Secure Fence and Rail. Just a while ago we began installing patios, and full backyard oases. More recently we’ve gotten into the business of installing fences that keep your horses secure in their pastures. Brevard is full of farm and ranch land. Believe it or not, we have extensive experience in building both horse and ranch fences and are very exited to bring this new feature to Brevard.

The horse fences we build are traditional board and rail fences with horse wire in between. This “no climb” wire works to keep other critters out of your horse’s pen. We can also add an interior electrical or hot wire in the fence for an extra layer of security.

Horse fences are also very customizable, for gate openings you can choose from a cross bow gate, a farm gate or a simple wooden gate.

At Secure Fence and Rail we want to keep all your critters safe and secure, no matter how big or small they are. If you’re looking for a quality and aesthetically pleasing fence to keep your ponies penned, call Secure Fence and Rail today. We can provide you with a fence sturdy fence that will not only keep your herd close to home, but will impress all the equines in the area.