A Haven For Your Horses

Brevard county is a place full of farm and ranch land and believe it or not, we have extensive experience in building these types of fences in the area. We understand the importance of keeping these stallions safe while in their pastures, so their security and your peace of mind is among our top priorities.

A good fence design will protect horses, people and property as well as be durable and functional. The horse fences that we build are the traditional board and rail fences with horse wire in between. This is a “no climb” wire type fence that works to keep other critters out of your horse’s compound. If you wish, we can also add an interior electrical (hotwire) fence for an additional layer of security.

Horse fences are also very easy to customize. You can have access to your pasture or paddock simply with an installed crossbow gate, farm gate, or a simple wooden gate. We can customize horse fence options to meet both your needs and budget.

At Secure Fence and Rail, we want to keep all of your horses safe and secure, while also keeping all of the unwanted critters out. No matter how large or small your equine mammals are, if you are looking for a company that can offer quality and an aesthetically pleasing fence to help keep your ponies penned, call Secure Fence and Rail today! We can provide you with a fence sturdy enough to give you piece of mind yet customizable enough for all of your equestrian needs.