colorful fence, many colors of the wood

6 Ways To Personalize Your Fence

Fences can serve several purposes to improve your yard. However, often many fences along the same street look the same. While there is a classic look to a wooden fence, some people like to express their individuality more. If you’re one of those people, we have some creative ideas of how you can personalize your fence.


Painting a fence is apart of its routine maintenance. If it’s not simply coated with stains or paint of its natural color, most people simply paint it white. To add some individuality to your fence, you might consider painting it a different color. And there are several ways you can make the decision of which color to paint it.

When deciding what color to paint your fence, you first must consider the landscape around it. If your fence is mostly around a landscape that’s green or brown, you might consider painting the fence with a color that pops or stands out. Something like bright yellow or turquoise will make the fence unique to those around the neighborhood and easily noticeable.

If your fence is surrounding a garden that is already filled with colorful plants, something a little more neutral will help it stand out. Colors like moss green, charcoal, or rusty red may blend in among the greens or browns but will stand out among the eye-catching colors of a garden.

Create a Pattern

If you’re looking to make your fence stand out even more, you could create a pattern on the fence. While a certain solid color may make your fence pop, a pattern would definitely do the trick. One way you can do this is to paint the planks alternating colors. If your fence has a plethora of planks, you can choose as few or as many different colors as you wish.

If you want a more complicated pattern such as zigzag lines, wall painting stencils are a great way to form your pattern. You can find these stencils quite easily in any size or shape and they are as easy to use on fences as they are on walls. To form one of these patterns, simply paint your fence a neutral color, wait for it to dry, and then paint the stencil over the neutral color.

Paint a Mural

If you’re looking for your fence to be even more distinct than just one or several colors, you might consider creating a mural on you fence. While more time-consuming than simply painting solid colors, a mural will undoubtedly make your fence unique.

If you’re not much of an artist, you can find a muralist in your area that can come and paint something unique for you. Depending on the size of your fence, they can usually finish the project in one or two days.

Another great aspect of a mural as opposed to solid colors is that you can make it more personal. Adding aspects to the mural of your life or things that are important to you will make it specific to your life.

Grow Vines

If you’re looking to decorate your fence with a more natural look, plants might be the way to go. A popular way to green your fence is to have vines climb up and over your fence. It will take time for the vines to do this but the results will be a classic look. Within two growing seasons, the vines will nearly double in size.

To get the vines to grow up, set trellises at the base of the fence and tie the vines loosely to the trellises with dental floss. Soon the vines will begin to climb up the fence. Another way you can train the vines to climb up the fence would be to tie it to the fence with chicken wire or use a staple gun to connect them to the fence.

Some vines like Clematis, Wisteria, and Trumpet Vines display flowers from the vines, which will add some color to your fence. If you’re using strong vines like Wisteria or Ivy, make sure they’re climbing on freestanding iron as they have the strength to pull down a fence.

Whether you already have a fence or are considering installing a fence, you might want to personalize your fence by making it eye-catching and unique to other fences in the neighborhood. These ideas are some ways you can achieve that goal. If you’ve yet to install a fence, contact the professionals at Secure Fence and Rail today.