5 Ways to Personalize Your Gate

Many people think that building a fence or a gate is solely about functionality. But based on the materials you use and the designs you add, your fence and gate can also display your personality or the personality you want your home to have.

As much as your fence can serve as a theme to your home, a gate can do so even more. As the entrance into your home, a gate can tell a story that you want to convey to visitors. Here are five ways that you can personalize your gate to make it unique and specific to your home or personality.

Mystery and Intrigue

If you value your privacy but still want to be somewhat inviting, you might want to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your gate. A gate made of a solid wood or metal are good possibilities for such a design. But to add intrigue to the gate, you can install small sections of the gate that can be seen through.

If mystery and intrigue is what you’re hoping to convey, you may want to go with a fence that is solid and can’t be seen through. If the fence can easily be seen through, it may defeat the purpose of a solid gate with small sections cut through.


If you’re looking to add a more romantic feel to your gate, you might want to install a wooden gate that projects a rustic, unpretentious look. A good idea to add a romantic feel to your gate would be to search for worn and soft but textual wood from an architectural salvage yard.

After finding the right material for your gate, you can design the gate for the type of feel you’re looking for. You could add flowers or add designs to the wood such as hearts or any other designs you may enjoy. As for the color of the fence, whitewashing or painting it a pastel hue will add to the romantic feel.


Installing a gate with a translucent quality will allow you to backlight the gate which will build expectations of what they will see when the gate opens. While the previous gates better achieve their look by opening manually, a dramatic gate is more effective if it opens automatically.

To make the gate more dramatic, consider making it higher and wider than you typically would with another type of gate. The over scaling of the gate will create a much grander entrance.


If you want to give an international feel to your gate, you can use common material and designs for whatever area you’re trying to emulate. You should research common entrances in that area to acquire ideas of creating an authentic entrance to your home. If the décor of your house is already modeled after a certain culture, your gate could be an entrance into that environment.

For example, the color of your gate can have a major impact on what culture you’re looking to model your home after. If you’re looking to add a Chinese feel, you can have a red door to your gate. If you’re looking for a Greek feel, consider a stark white and bright blue color.


While a gate certainly can match the décor of your house or add to your home’s personality, it also has the ability to say a lot about you. You might consider a custom gate that displays objects or designs that express your sentiments, hobbies, or passions.

If you’re installing a fabricated metal gate, you can have the gate shaped to display any hobbies or passions you might have. For example, if you enjoy gardening, you might have the gate display a shovel, pitchfork, and hoe. If you prefer a wood gate, you can add designs that represent you different interest, which will personalize the gate.

In addition to being an entrance into your home, a gate can represent your personality, interests, or biography. Based on the materials you use and personal designs you add to the gate, you can ensure that you’re gate will be unique to your home. If you’re considering adding a fence and/or gate to your home, call the professionals at Secure Fence and Rail to ensure the highest quality.